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Instructions on Reebok Heart Rate Monitor Watch

By Jolie Johnson

Reebok is probably best known for making tennis shoes and fitness apparel. However, they do manufacture other fitness-related items including workout accessories, sports equipment, watches and heart rate monitors. The Reebok Fitness Trainer is a wireless heart rate monitor with a rapid start feature and triple row display. The watch features a time display, backlight, stopwatch and target heart rate alarm. As of September 2010, the Reebok Fitness Trainer sells for around $100.

  1. Put on the elastic chest strap. Wet the electrodes with a few drops of water. Position the strap directly below your breasts and pull it snug.

  2. Enter your age for the maximum heart rate calculations. Your Reebok heart rate monitor will automatically calculate your maximum heart rate based on your age. Press and hold both the light button and the "Scan/Rev" button. A number will begin flashing. Press the "St/Fwd" or the "Scan/Rev" buttons to increase or decrease the number. When your age appears on the screen, press the "Mode" button to save your settings.

  3. Set the time and date. Press and hold the "Mode" button for three seconds to return to the main screen. Press and hold the "Lap/Spl/Set" key until the seconds start flashing. Push the "St/Fwd" button to reset the seconds to zero. You will now enter the hour, minute, year, month and day. Use the "Scan/Rev" or "St/Fwd" buttons to increase or decrease the numbers. After you select each setting, press the "Lap/Spl/Set" to move to the next option.

  4. Activate the heart rate monitor. Press and hold the "Mode" key. Your heart rate displays in the middle of the screen, the time displays at the top, and your maximum heart rate shows at the bottom.

  5. Use the stopwatch. Press and release the "Mode" button. "STW" will scroll down the screen. To start or stop the stopwatch, press the "St/Fwd" key. Hold this same key down for at least three seconds to reset the stopwatch.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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