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How to Lose Weight With Whey Protein Powder

By Darla Ferrara

Whey protein powder is a compound created during the cheese-making process. Curdled milk produces curds in a liquid base. After harvesting the curd, the liquid that remains is made into whey protein powder. In this powder mix remains the natural proteins found in milk. According to a website for the University of California, San Diego, whey protein has a high rating for protein bioavailabity and digestibility. This high level of protein and amino acids make whey protein powder a healthy choice for bodybuilding and weight loss.

  1. Purchase a container of whey protein powder at the local health food or fitness store. Check the label to ensure you are purchasing the right type of mix. There are many powders available, each with different formulas. Look on the label for the words “whey protein.”

  2. Read the mixing instructions on the package. You will probably add one scoop of power to a glass of liquid, such as water or skim milk. For dieting purposes, water will not add as many calories, but skim milk might taste better.

  3. Prepare one whey protein shake every day for breakfast. Scoop the right amount into an 8 oz. glass of your chosen liquid. Stir well or use a blender to mix the shake. This will work as a meal replacement. The high level of protein will help fill you up and give you energy.

  4. Eat a light mid-morning snack, such as a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. This will help curb hunger and supply energy.

  5. Make a salad or another light meal for lunch and eat a normal low-fat dinner. You can add whey powder to recipes that have a sweet base. Experiment with whey sprinkled on diced fruit or as a smoothie desert.

  6. Exercise three to six times a week. The additional protein provided by whey will help you create muscle mass and provide energy. Include both cardiovascular and strength training in your program.

  7. Tip

    Weight loss is a direct result of reducing calories and increasing activity. Whey protein powder alone will not help you lose weight. It should be a tool to provide you with a protein rich diet plan. You will still need to count calories and exercise in order to drop pounds.


    Do not take whey protein powder if allergic to milk or dairy products. Do not eat whey if lactose intolerant. Remember whey is a product of milk and might cause digestive problems. Talk to your doctor is you are unsure whether you can tolerate whey protein.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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