The Best Titanium Bikes

imatsilvan/iStock/Getty Images

Titianium bicycle frames are among the most expensive and advanced frames available. A titanium frame has better damping properties and better durability than steel, is lighter weight than aluminum, and is similar in stiffness and performance to carbon fiber, making it an excellent choice for long-distance riding in extreme conditions.

Built to Last

Titanium is denser and heavier than steel, but it has an extremely high tensile strength. This allows a titanium frame to be made with significantly thinner tubing than other alloys, reducing the overall weight. A titanium frame is mitered by hand to the exact geometry of the finished product, and is usually shaped by hand to preserve the durability of the material. Other features, such as short-travel suspension in the rear triangle or rack mounts, are fitted after the frame is completed.

Hot Properties

A titanium frame is completely resistant to corrosion, giving you free reign to ride in wet or icy weather. This makes a titanium frame an exceptionally good choice for a touring or long-distance bicycle, since it will require minimal care over thousands of miles. If you're looking for the best titanium frame, have a frame builder fit you for a custom frame. With a geometry built exactly to your proportions, a custom frame will provide the most comfort.