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Health Fair Theme Ideas

By Erin Schreiner ; Updated October 25, 2017

Health fairs provide health-conscious consumers with access to a wide array of valuable health-related information. Those planning health fairs commonly select an overall theme around which to organize the health fair offerings. This theme is vital because it creates continuity and dictates what information to feature at the event.

Get Moving

Encourage activity at your health fair by adopting a get moving theme. Give out goody bags featuring fitness videos, jump ropes or sweatbands. Set up booths at which fitness and healthcare professionals extol the virtues of physical activity and offer statistics and suggestions about exercise.


Remind health fair guests to eat healthy with a fitness focus. Give all guests an up-to-date food pyramid featuring current government regulations. Discuss the health benefits of eating a balanced diet. Feature cooking demonstrations in which trained chefs demonstrate nutritious recipes for visitors.

Head to Toe Health

Encourage whole body health with a head to toe health theme. Organize your booths in a line to ensure that visitors stop at each in order. At the first booth, give guests hats and discuss head-related health information like emotional disorder support. At the concluding booth, hand out flip-flops or foot cream and discuss podiatry or foot health. By the time your visitors stop at all, you will inform them of what they need to do to stay healthy all over.

Early Detection

Warn of the importance of early detection of cancer and other curable diseases by adopting this phrase as your theme. Provide visitors with statistics that show how important early detection can be in curing ailments. Discuss methods of early detection like colonoscopy and breast and testicular self-exams. Allow visitors to try their hands at detection by featuring self-check training models for them to experiment on.

Prevention is Key

Remind health fair guests that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure by adopting a prevention is key theme. Hand out heart-shaped stress balls and let them know that they can prevent some illnesses, like heart disease. Discuss different preventable health concerns, and provide visitors with steps that they can take to prevent the development of these health problems.

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