How to Do Jenny Craig For Free

Few people know that you can actually use the Jenny Craig diet without spending a fortune of prepared meals and meetings. Learn how to follow the Jenny Craig diet for free and be in charge of how much you want to spend on prepared foods. Do Jenny Craig for free and lose weight today.

The first thing you will want to do to follow the Jenny Craig diet for free is go to their website. They offer a number of free tools that will help you begin to follow the diet for free. In the corner, sign up for their e-tools for free and then you can download the journals, menu planner, activity planner, and more all for free.

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Normally in Jenny Craig you should be eating their prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes snacks. However, few people know that the actually offer recipes you can make at home that follow the Jenny Craig requirements. Use the recipe collection in the e-tools to create your own Jenny Craig friendly meals without the expensive pre-packaged meals. Also consider mixing the two to lower the cost. Once you have a list of great recipes, you can eat one of those for each of your 3 meals and then either have a Jenny recipe snack, fruit, vegetables, and low fat dairy (like yogurt) as your 3 daily snacks. As long as you follow the portion controls in the recipes you will be following the diet perfectly!

Start losing weight! Now you are ready to start losing weight with Jenny Craig for free. Follow their plan (3 portioned controlled meals and 3 snacks - fruit, veggies, or a Jenny recipe snack) and you are set to follow Jenny Craig for free!


If you want to make the plan a little easier to follow, consider using a mix of pre-packaged food and homemade Jenny Craig recipe food.