Calories Burned by Wii Fit Activities

Wii Fit provides a handy calorie-burn counter. You can set a goal for the number of calories you want to burn off or track the number of calories you expend during a Wii Fit activity. The counter relates the calories burned to food items. For example, if you use up 144 calories, that is equivalent to one cup of orange juice.

Combine the Virtual and Traditional

In terms of calories burned, a 2009 study of Wii Fit's most demanding aerobic activities by the American Council on Exercise and the University of Wisconsin showed the following average calorie expenditure per 30 minutes of exercise for the following Wii activities: Free Run and Island Run 165 calories; Rhythm Boxing 114 calories; Super Hula Hoop 111 calories; Advanced Step and Free Step 108 and 99 calories respectively. The study advises Wii Fit users to combine Wii Fit activities with a traditional fitness routine such as running or cycling 2.