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Daily Exercises to Stay Slim

By Sala Saran

To maintain your slim figure without making changes to your daily diet, you will need to implement a consistent fitness plan comprised of exercises that maximize calorie expenditure and increase your metabolism. Fortunately, you do not have to engage in lengthy exercise sessions to stay slender. Daily 30-minute bouts will keep you healthy and slim with ease.


Running is one of the most effective calorie burning exercises; it will boost your weight loss by increasing your calorie expenditure. Running can burn 740 to 920 calories in one hour, depending on your pace and current body weight. An aerobic run will burn slightly fewer calories, but you will be able to maintain the pace for a longer time. Use faster-paced, short-distance runs to build more lean muscle and burn more calories in shorter exercise sessions. Run as fast as you can maintain and then return to a jog. For maximum benefit, alternate this way for your entire running session.


Dance is an excellent full-body exercise. Fulfilling two of the most important criteria for sustainable fitness, dance provides both fun and an efficient workout. Dance is a full-body cardiovascular exercise. It is also an enjoyable activity, which ensures you will do it consistently for longer periods of time. The University of Rochester Medical Center notes that dance is an exercise that burns calories by engaging the entire body. The bonuses, aside from increased calorie-burning, include improved cognition, better balance, stress relief and enhanced total health. To get started with a dance program of your own, decide what style(s) of dance you really enjoy, compile a play list of music and create your own private dance sessions at home for no less than 30 minutes, up to five days per week.

Light Weight Training

Use light weights to increase lean muscle tissue without overloading the muscle. Using light weights and performing an exercise for at least eight to 12 repetitions is a technique that will increase your metabolic rate and allow your body to burn calories more efficiently. Instead of gaining additional weight, you'll be maintaining your slim figure and replacing any extra fat stores with lean muscles, according to the leading orthopedic surgery center, Hospital for Special Surgery. Just 20 minutes of light weight training for only two days per week are all that is required to maintain your figure.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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