Yoplait Yogurt for Weight Loss

If you watch television, you have most likely seen the Yoplait yogurt commercials. The women in the commercials boast about the key lime pies, boston creme pie and red velvet cakes they have eaten and still lost weight. These desserts are the flavors of the Yoplait light yogurt. Yoplait suggests a two-week eating plan, which includes light yogurt, to aid in weight loss.

Two Week Tune Up

The Yoplait yogurt diet is a meal plan in which you replace your breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait light yogurt. Yoplait recommends using this diet for two weeks to lose weight. During the two weeks you walk daily for 30 to 40 minutes to burn calories and aid weight loss. The meal plan includes fruits, starches, lean proteins and vegetables for a well-rounded diet. You should speak with your doctor before beginning the Yoplait yogurt diet to determine if it is healthy for your body.

Breakfast & Lunch

Nutritional Information for Yoplait Light Yogurt

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You can choose one of 33 flavors in the Yoplait light yogurt for your breakfast and lunch meals. You are also to eat 1 cup of an oat-based or rice-based cereal or one granola bar. Include, with your two meals, one serving of fruit such as a small to medium-sized piece of fruit or 3/4 cup of berries. Drink water with your meals.

Dinner and Snacks

Yoplait recommends a 6 oz. lean protein for dinner such as chicken or pork, 2 cups of vegetables and a small amount of fat such as 1 tsp.of butter. Your between meals snacks are 1 cup of raw or 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables. Yoplait suggests including three servings of non-fat dairy throughout the day such as a glass of skim milk or another light yogurt.


Light Diet Meals

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The Yoplait yogurt diet aims to reduce your daily calorie intake. When you reduce your calories by 3500, you lose 1 lb. Each Yoplait light yogurt contains 110 calories. If you previously ate two meals that contain 500 to 800 calories, you are now creating a calorie deficit eating yogurt for breakfast and lunch. This reduction in calories taken in, plus the calorie burning from the daily walk will equal weight loss over the course of the two weeks.