Why Would Breasts Become Firmer?


Hormone changes may cause breast changes in women and men as they age. Medical conditions may also cause firmer breasts.

As young girls age, their breasts will become firmer as they hit puberty. The first signs of puberty in girls, which include tender breasts, may occur as early as age 8.


If a woman notices that her breasts feel firm, she may want to take a pregnancy test. Firmer, tender breasts occur within the first two months of pregnancy to signal that a woman is expecting a baby.


After a woman gives birth, her breasts may feel firmer as they begin to fill up with milk. The new mother may experience engorgement, a condition where the breasts fill up with more milk than is being dispensed by the breast. Engorgement can be relieved by applying ice packs, wearing a supportive bra, feeding the infant and pumping milk.

Health Conditions

If a man or woman notices a firm spot on their breast, it may indicate a change in their overall health condition. Such changes can range from a benign cyst to breast cancer 1.

Women should perform monthly self breast exams 1. Any changes should be reported to a health care provider for further evaluation.


If a woman or man wants firmer breasts, breast implant surgery can be performed to achieve the desired effect.