Where to Apply Testosterone Cream

Testosterone creams are hormonal supplements that have a few different applications. They are growing in popularity among weightlifters and athletes for their ability to promote muscle growth by infusing the muscles with high concentrations of testosterone. Testosterone is given to men with deficiencies in the hormone, and some men seek out testosterone creams to help combat the body's natural decline of testosterone as they age.

Decide why you want to use testosterone cream. If you are targeting specific muscles, you will want to use the cream on those areas. If the cream is for general use, you will apply it to some common spots.

How do I Apply Testosterone Cream for Women?

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Target areas of your skin with the least amount of hair, as well as areas featuring significant blood flow. Popular spots for general use include the inner arms and thighs and behind the knees. Cover the area as thoroughly as possible, if you are trying to affect specific muscles.

Apply a half-dosage of testosterone cream twice daily to the vaginal area, if you are a women using testosterone cream to treat a deficiency of the hormone. Men should avoid applying testosterone cream to their genitals unless for treatment of a hormone deficiency, or under doctor's orders.


If the areas where you are applying the cream are covered in hair, you may want to consider shaving those areas.

Apply the cream one hour prior to physical activity or sexual activity.


Do not use more than once a day. Do not use continuously for more than 8 weeks.

Avoid smoking when taking testosterone cream, as it will counteract the medication's efforts.