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What Is in Nutrilite Protein Powder?

Drinking beverages made from Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder will help build lean muscle and protect your body from free radical damage, says Amway, the supplement's manufacturer. The powder is available in chocolate or vanilla flavors and is designed to be mixed into water or milk and drunk once a day. Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder isn't regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and not all potential side effects may have been identified. Talk to your doctor before using Nutrilite.

Complete Protein

Each scoop of Nutrilite Protein Powder contains 25 to 26 grams of protein, or around 67 percent of every serving's 150 calories. The mix obtains its protein from whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate and is considered a complete protein source because it supplies all of the amino acids required by the body. People who are lactose-intolerant may experience side effects due to the lactose in the milk-based whey.

Red Orange Complex

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Nutrilite Protein Powder has 50 milligrams of Red Orange Complex per scoop. Developed by Bionap, Red Orange Complex consists of the powdered extract of three varieties of Italian blood oranges, Moro, Sanguinello and Tarocco. The compound is rich in phytochemicals such as flavanones, anthocyanins and hydroxycinnamic acids that may inhibit the activity of free radicals naturally produced during exercise. A study published in Nutrition Research in 2009 demonstrated that athletes experienced less free radical damage when taking Red Orange Complex.

Aminogen Enzyme Blend

A single serving of Nutrilite Protein Powder contains 151 milligrams of a compound known as Aminogen Enzyme Blend. The blend, which is patented by Triarco Industries, is made up of two digestive enzymes derived from the fungi Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger. These enzymes are added to aid in the metabolism and absorption of the amino acids included in Nutrilite. According to a Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition study published in 2008, Aminogen supplementation increased the blood concentration of amino acids in subjects.

Vitamins and Minerals

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Nutrilite Protein Powder is fortified with 12 milligrams of vitamin C per scoop, or 13 percent of a man's recommended dietary allowance and 16 percent of a woman's requirement. Each serving also supplies 115 milligrams of calcium -- 12 percent of the required daily intake for adults between 19 and 51 years old -- and 180 milligrams of potassium, an amount that fulfills approximately 4 percent of an adult's RDA.

Other Ingredients

While Nutrilife Protein Powder doesn't have any artificial sweeteners, it does contain natural sources such as fructose, erythritol and rebiana, the latter of which is derived from the rebaudioside A glycoside found in the stevia plant. Vanilla and alkalized cocoa, depending on the type of Nutrilife you choose, are the only flavoring agents used. Compounds that act as emulsifiers, stabilizing agents and thickeners, such as maltodextrin, soy lecithin, inulin, carrageenan, and cellulose and xanthan gums, are also included.