How to Wean Off Singulair

Asthma and allergy sufferers who are prescribed drugs like Singulair know how difficult it can be to live with the side effects 2. Reducing your dependency on the drug will eliminate the side effects and help you feel better. Weaning off any medication can be risky, but with proper preparation and with the guidance of a holistic doctor, it is possible.

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Take vitamins to boost your immune system 1. Incorporate a vitamin that is called Ester C. Ester C is time released, so it lasts longer and allows the body to absorb more; it also builds antioxidants and allows better respiratory strength. Eat a diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. The raw form of the vegetables will allow for better absorption into the body and immune system.

Allergy to Vitamin B-12

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Consult with a holistic doctor, herbalist or pharmacist. Many will recommend taking homeopathic medicine as an alternative treatment for asthma. Mullein leaf in liquid form is an excellent source for naturally supporting the respiratory system. Many homeopathic products in the form of a dissolveable tablet can be placed under the tongue and will provide relief in minutes.

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Exercise is important for your lungs and cardiovascular system. Asthmatics have a harder time beginning an extreme workout regimen. Moderate walking to begin will provide a great start to getting in better shape and more healthy.


Start off slowly and incorporate the changes that need to be done.


Do not stop taking your medication entirely until you see a change with the alternative approaches.