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The Best Way to Pad Crutches

Crutches are beneficial in the recovery of lower body injuries, but also have their downside. If you have ever used crutches, you are likely aware of the pain crutches can cause -- especially in your underarm region. Crutches can be painful and cause bruises or even mild burns under your arms. This can make using crutches very uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are means of padding the tops of your crutches to reduce discomfort as you recover from a lower extremity injury or surgery.

Purchase crutch pads. Sites such as allow you to purchase crutch padding in a variety of colors and designs. This method works best if you know you will be on crutches ahead of time. For example, if you have scheduled lower body surgery. You will be able to order your crutch pads ahead of time.

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Use towels. Take two hand towels and wrap them around the tops of your crutches. Use duct tape to secure the towels to your crutches. Once you are finished using your crutches, the towels can be removed and reused 1.

Use sponges. Purchase two large sponges. These can often be purchased at dollar stores. Secure the sponges using duct tape.


For young children, use two small stuffed animals -- secured with duct tape -- as crutch pads. They will make using crutches less painful and more exciting.

To make using crutches even more comfortable, be sure to adjust your crutches to the appropriate height.