How to Cushion Crutches With Towels

Walking around on crutches is no fun. Not only do you have to deal with the pain of your leg injury, but you have to put up with the awkwardness and discomfort of your crutches. You can make your crutches a bit more comfortable by wrapping the upper support with a towel. However, this towel should provide a cushion for where the crutch rubs against the side of your chest. If your crutches are irritating your armpits, they are not properly adjusted. Your armpits should never touch the top of your crutches.

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Fold your towels in half lengthwise.

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Wrap one towel around the bar on top of one crutch 2.

Secure the towel with duct tape or two zip ties. If you’re using zip ties, position them on either side of the towel. If you place them in the middle, they might rub against your chest and cause irritation.

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Fold, wrap and secure a towel to your other crutch.

Adjust the height of your crutches 2. When you add towels to your crutches, they become slightly taller. Stand with the crutches under your armpits. The top of the crutch should reach a point 2 inches below your armpit.


For extra comfort, choose a soft bath towel such as one made with Egyptian cotton.


Crutches that are too tall can injure the nerves, lymph glands and blood vessels in your armpits. Have someone watch you as you use your crutches. If they see that your shoulders rise as you swing your legs through the crutches, your crutches are too tall. Adjust the main shaft of the crutch to shorten them.