Uses of Vinegar in Humidifiers

Home humidifiers are small machines that are designed to put moisture into the air in a room that is dry and may be causing health challenges such as skin conditions, dry sinuses, allergies or asthma. It is important to keep the humidifier clean so that you are not adding contaminated materials such as mold or bacteria into the air via a dirty machine or filter. Vinegar is a natural product used to clean humidifiers as an alternative to cleaning products that may contain toxins or chemicals.

Clean Filters

Clean the filter in your humidifier on a regular basis, as often as every 10 days when it is running consistently. To keep your unit clean, a natural product like vinegar can be very effective and safe to use. Soak the filter in equal parts of warm water and vinegar for one hour. If the filter has not been cleaned in a long time or is very dirty, soak it longer. You do not need to rinse. Squeeze the water out of the filter and let it dry before you put it back in the humidifier.

Clean Reservoirs

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If you let the reservoir of your humidifier get dirty, bacteria and mold can develop and may cause health problems because the moisture that is released from the humidifier into the air you breathe will be contaminated. If you clean the reservoir often so that you don't allow for buildup of mold or bacteria, a mixture of equal parts warm water and vinegar will help you maintain a healthy humidifier.

Hard Water Deposits

Hard water deposits, or calcium deposits, may accumulate inside your humidifier after months of use. They can be tough to remove with many cleaning agents. Soaking the spots in vinegar is very effective at preparing them to be scrubbed off the surface. Either pour vinegar on the area and let it soak or soak a cloth with vinegar and put it over the surface. Wait a few hours and then scrub the calcium deposit. Repeat if you are not able to remove all of the deposit after the first treatment.