How to Lose Toenail Toe Fungus

Fungal infection of the toenail is called onychomycosis. The affected toenail might have white patches, change to a brown or yellowish color and begin to flake, chip or thicken. Toenail fungus can lead to onycholysis, which is the separation of the infected nail from the nail bed. Physicians often prescribe topical and oral medications to treat toenail fungus, which is difficult to cure. However, according to, many people report successfully treating toenail fungus with home remedies.

Confirm that you have toenail fungus and not another condition. Your doctor can diagnosis the condition.

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Make a mixture in a tub or large bowl of one part vinegar and two parts warm water. According to, vinegar can slow the growth of some bacteria and it has been used as a home remedy for toenail fungus. Any type of vinegar will work because all are acidic.

Soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes in the vinegar-water mixture.

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Rinse your feet thoroughly to remove all traces of vinegar and pat them dry after soaking.

Repeat the foot-soak in the vinegar-water mixture every day if need be. If the vinegar irritates your skin, dilute the vinegar with more water or try soaking only two or three days a week.

Practice proper foot hygiene while waiting for the remedy to work, including keeping your feet dry and clean, your toenails clipped short and avoiding walking around barefoot, especially in public places.

Wear socks that pull moisture away from your feet. Moisture helps the fungus to grow. Synthetic socks, which you can wear alone or under cotton socks, keep your feet drier that cotton socks.

Air your feet often during the day by taking off your shoes and socks, especially if your feet sweat a lot. Try wearing open-toe shoes without socks to air your feet when possible.

Wash you feet with anti-microbial soap to help speed your fungus cure and prevent recurrence.

Spray or sprinkle an antifungal product on your feet and inside your shoes to prevent reinfecting your toenails.


Many people report success in using Vicks VapoRub as a remedy for toenail fungus, according to Wash your hands after touching your feet to prevent spreading the fungus. Artificial nails and nail polish can trap moisture and allow the fungus to grow.


Talk to your doctor before using home remedies on toenail fungus. Ensure that your pedicurist’s sterilization procedures protect you from contracting a fungus.