How to Use Frankincense Essential Oil to Remove Skin Tags

Many people want to know how to remove skin tags easily at home in a manner that leaves skin smooth and undamaged. Skin tags are often reported as harmless but annoying mole-like growths that usually show up around the neck and underarms. Here's a folk remedy for how some people have used frankincense essential oil to remove skin tags completely, leaving no scar or skin damage. Be sure not to use frankincense essential oil during pregnancy.

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Purchase your two simple ingredients. To remove skin tags, you'll want Q-tips and a bottle of frankincense essential oil. Make sure the frankincense you get is a therapeutic grade essential oil, not just an oil that's scented with a little frankincense. It can be ordered online or purchased at a health food store. Some health food stores also have "pure oils," though, and the bottle must say "essential oils."

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Check with a dermatologist or professional aromatherapist or do a patch test. Some people feel undiluted frankincense essential oil is too powerful to put directly on skin, others say it works remarkably and have no problem. If you suspect it's too powerful for you, either check with a professional, do a patch test, or dilute it with castor oil.

Apply directly to the skin tags. To remove skin tags, use a Q-tip to dab the frankincense essential oil (or oil mixture as prescribed by your health professional) directly onto the skin tags. Do this daily.

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Continue until you remove skin tags. Use daily for a few days up to a month or two to remove skin tags.


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