How to Use Creatine With a Testosterone Booster

Creatine is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements, known for its relative safety and efficacy. Testosterone boosters are legal alternatives which claim to increase testosterone levels, although their quality varies and little is known about their long safety 1. Often, bodybuilders choose to stack supplements, or take more than one at a time. Any attempt to take creatine and testosterone boosters at the same time should be approached with caution.

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Before taking any supplements, consult with your doctor about their safety. Although most people will have few negative side effects from creatine or testosterone supplements, it is important to be aware if you are at risk. Common conditions which prevent use of these products are heart disease, high cholesterol, or a history of mental illness.

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Introduce one supplement to your routine at a time, in order to fully understand any effects it is having on your body. Creatine should be added first, as more is known about its safety and it is more suited to beginners. Report any side effects to your doctor, and be sure to remain hydrated when using creatine, as it can have an effect on hydration levels. Do not add any supplements for at least a month.

Find a testosterone supplement that has positive reviews and does not contain creatine itself. Many supplements will have multiple ingredients, so it is important to review the contents to be sure you are not taking too much of either substance.

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Follow the instructions exactly as listed on the package. Many bodybuilders get greedy and attempt to increase dosage, with the goal of increased gains. This is neither effective nor safe. In no situation should you exceed recommended dosage. Ask other people in your gym what products they recommend.

Creatine and testosterone boosters should not be used continuously. Cycle periods of use with equally long periods of non use.


Creatine can cause upset stomach, so try taking it with food and without, to see what works for you. Everyone's body is different, and responds differently to supplements.

If you have achieved adequate results from creatine alone, testosterone boosters may be unnecessary. Muscle takes time regardless of supplement use, so if you are achieving consistent gains with just creatine that may be all you need. In addition, those under 21 have high enough testosterone that they will see little benefit from a booster, and hormone supplements can actually have negative effects on young people, such as possibly stunting growth. Children and teenagers should not use these products.


Do not use supplements without direct doctor approval.

Hormonal supplements, such as testosterone boosters, can have negative effects on natural hormone production. Use with caution.