Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl Calories

Rice bowls are a popular frozen entrée, often incorporating a meat and a vegetable along with the rice and sauce into a single serving that is convenient to prepare. Teriyaki chicken rice bowls are relatively easy to find, but they are not typically low in calories and should be eaten in moderation.


Each teriyaki chicken rice bowl is a single serving, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Each rice bowl has 428 calories.

Calories From Fat

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One g of fat has nine calories. Therefore, the more than 5 g of fat in a teriyaki chicken rice bowl account for almost 48 calories from fat.

Calories From Carbohydrates

MedlinePlus reports that each g of carbohydrates has four calories. Due to the rice and the teriyaki sauce, teriyaki chicken rice bowls are relatively high in carbohydrates with more than 76 g. This means that every rice bowl has more than 305 calories from carbs.

Calories From Protein

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A single g of protein also has four calories. A teriyaki chicken rice bowl has more than 19 g of protein, giving it almost 77 calories from protein.