Calories in Spinach Pasta

Spinach pasta is a popular addition to many Italian-style dishes. Spinach pasta is low in calories and relatively low in carbohydrates, making it a good alternative to traditional wheat pastas.


The standard serving size for spinach pasta is 2 oz., according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Each serving of spinach pasta has 74 calories.

Calories from Fat

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One gram of fat has nine calories. Spinach pasta has very little fat. In each 2-oz. serving, it has .5 g of fat, so less than five of its calories are from fat.

Calories from Carbohydrates

Each gram of carbohydrates has four calories. Not surprisingly, the more than 14 g of carbohydrates give a serving of spinach pasta the majority of its calories -- accounting for more than 57 of the total calories.

Calories from Protein

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A single gram of protein also has four calories. Each serving of spinach pasta has nearly 3 g of protein, so almost 12 calories are from protein.