How to Spot Liposuction

How to Spot Liposuction. When dieting and exercising won't do the trick, liposuction can spot-treat areas of fat, giving you a leaner physique. If you're curious whether someone else's trim thighs or flat belly are due to liposuction, there are a few tell-tale signs that the procedure has been performed. Here's how to spot liposuction.

Look for loose skin. If too much fat is removed during a procedure or the patient isn't blessed with elastic skin, the result can reduce sagging where the liposuction was performed. The person will have less fat--but probably won't like their new look.

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See if there are any unusual bulges on the person's body. One unfortunate side effect of liposuction is little pockets of fat appearing irregularly--this can be corrected with additional surgery.

Recall what the person looked like before losing weight. If they basically had the same body--and have just become smaller--they probably melted the fat away through dieting. If the person's face, arms and hands look pretty much the same but the belly, hips and thighs are much leaner, liposuction is a likely culprit.

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Peek at the person's belly button. If it's off-centered, that's a sign that liposuction could have been performed, changing the way the belly button is positioned.

Note whether hips seem slightly uneven. If even an eighth of an inch less fat is removed from one hip than the other, you might be able to tell if you scrutinize carefully.