How to Get Rid of Fat in the Forehead

Forehead fat may not cause any harmful health problems, but it can effect an person's self-confidence. Unattractive facial fat, especially forehead folds, can be challenging to get rid of, but not impossible. Through proper diet and exercise, many people can reduce forehead fat and keep it off. However, diet and exercise take commitment and work, and seeing results may take a while. Many people opt for a faster solution through cosmetic surgeries or non-surgical face-lift procedures that can remove forehead fat folds, providing long-term results.

Lose weight. Cardiovascular exercises burn fat--this means in the face as well. Depending on your particular facial structure, you may burn more forehead fat than others. Needless to say, overweight individuals will have more forehead fat than those who are not overweight.

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Stay hydrated. Drinking more fluids can aid in weight reduction. Drink eight glasses a day to reduce overall weight gain and excess facial fat.

Try forehead lift exercises. Firming the fat underneath the skin can reduce the appearance of forehead fat. Place index fingers above eyes, pulling downward, while trying to raise eyebrows. Repeat 10 times. This is a simple exercise that can be executed three to four times a day.

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Have a liposuction procedure done. A certified surgeon can remove fat layers underneath the forehead by making a small incision on the forehead and sucking the fat out. The liposuction on the forehead can be an effective procedure, with minimal health risks and post-surgery complications. Liposuction results can last for up to several years if the patient does not gain an excessive amount of weight.

Get a face-lift 1. Face-lifts can be done with or without surgery 1. Talk to a specialist to determine which method would be the most effective. Some cosmetic specialists can offer laser or radio frequency waves to dissolve forehead fat. Others may suggest Botox treatments--a procedure that smooths the forehead fat lines by eliminating their wrinkles, which are mainly produced by fat folds 2.