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How to Spot Fake Winstrol

By J.D. Richards

Check the size and shape of the ampoule. Injectable Winstrol is only sold in 1-milliliter containers. These ampoules also have an unusually large belly, unlike the narrow-bodied ampoules that many other drugs are sold in. Sometimes Winstrol from an Italian manufacturer, still distinct and authentic, is sold in a small vial with a lid.

Observe the consistency of the fluid. It should be a milky white suspension. Let it rest upright for several minutes. Has the active ingredient of the drug begun to settle in a crystalline precipitate at the bottom of the ampoule? This is a mark of authentic Winstrol. About 50 milligrams of the active ingredient should lie in a white layer at the bottom of the vial.

Check the inscription. Authentic Winstrol has either a brown inscription in Spanish or a blue inscription in Italian. You can feel the latter inscription with your finger.

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