What Is Asenlix?

Fact Checked

Many prescription diet pills function by stimulating the body, which causes both a decreased appetite as well as a higher metabolism. Asenlix is one such drug. Like many stimulant-based medications, there is controversy as to its safety, which has led to its availability being extremely limited.


Asenlix is a brand name for the compound Clobenzorex, also known as N-(2-Chlorobenzyl)-alpha-methylphenethylamine hydrochloride. This chemical stimulant is manufactured in Mexico by the Aventis corporation and usually is found in thirty milligram tablets. Because Asenlix tablets are usually green in color, they are also known as "greenies", which were formerly implicated as being used by professional baseball players in the United States.


According to the California Association of Toxicologists, Asenlix, similarly to amphetamines, can cause increased alertness, dry mouth, excitation and difficulty sleeping. But it has approximately one-twentieth the potency of amphetamines. In addition, in some cases using Asenlix can lead to a positive blood test for amphetamines because Asenlix, when metabolized by the body, leads to low levels of amphetamine appearing in the blood.

Side Effects and Legality

Asenlix was popular in the 1970s as a prescription diet pill. However, it was later discovered that this medication could cause serious side effects, including a condition known a pulmonary hypertension. People suffering from pulmonary hypertension have elevated blood pressure in their lungs, which can lead to congestive heart failure and death. As a result, the medication has been banned by the FDA and has also been banned in other countries, though it continues to be legal in Mexico.