How to Get Sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks

    It's a common perception that earning corporate sponsorship for any project is an uphill battle. Rather than going through mountains of red tape and talking with some dozen or so people before even being able to have the chance to sell yourself or your product, Monster Energy Drink allows for just about anybody to submit themselves for a sponsorship. While there is no guarantee that an applicant will be sponsored, the process of getting yourself considered is relatively quick and simple.

  1. Create an account with the "Monster Army." You have to have an account on Monster's website before you can apply for a sponsorship with Monster Energy Drink. Once your account has been created, you'll be taken to the "Hookit" website.

  2. Select "Sponsorship" from the top navigation bar on the Hookit website, then click on the Monster Energy Drink logo. This will take you back to the "Monster Army" homepage where, if necessary, click the region of the world in which you live.

  3. Click "Sponsorship" from the right-hand sidebar, then click the button that says "Apply for sponsorship."

  4. Select the available sponsorship that interests you under the "Available To You" by clicking the red "Apply Now" button next to the listing. This will take you back to the "Hookit" website.

  5. Complete the "Application Q&A" form and click "Send" to apply for sponsorship with Monster.