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Besides the more publicized use of testosterone to increase muscle mass for weightlifters, athletes and body builders, testosterone is also given for maladies like hypogonadism (a hormonal imbalance resulting in low sex drive and low sperm production) in men and for birth control with women. Once stopped, the lowering of testosterone in a patient reverses the effects of the prior increase and may have other side effects as well. The list below shows some of the things a patient who has stopped taking testosterone injections can expect.

Decreased Sexual Ability

Decreased sexual ability is one of the after effects of stopping testosterone injections. Mayo Clinic staff say that while decreased sperm production and sex drive may be pronounced immediately after cessation, after a few weeks natural testosterone production should begin again, and sperm production and sex drive should return to pre-injection levels 1.

Loss of Bone Density

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Loss of bone density can also be expected after halting testosterone injections. Since increased bone density is one of the effects of taking testosterone shots the reduced testosterone levels logically will result in decrease of bone mass, according to both Mayo Clinic staff and the National Institutes of Health 12.

Loss of Both Muscle and Fat Mass

Loss of both muscle and fat mass is also an expected side effect of stopping testosterone injections according to Mayo Clinic staff 1. Testosterone helps increase fluid retention, muscle and fat mass.

Reduced Muscle Mass

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Along with reduced muscle mass, stopping testosterone injections will cause muscles to weaken. Unless natural testosterone production returns, a general weakening of muscles and strength results from the testosterone stoppage according to the Mayo Clinic 1.

Memory and Thought Processing Speed

Memory and thought processing speed may both suffer after stopping testosterone shots. A general feeling of well-being that comes with testosterone injections, according to the National Institutes of Health, will also decrease or be lost once they are stopped, says Mayo clinic staff 12.

Mood Changes

Besides the loss of well-being, irritability and mood changes accompany the stopping of testosterone shots as side effects. Moodiness may progress to the point of depression, according to Mayo Clinic staff 1.