Side Effects of Primolut-N

Primolut-N is a progestational hormone that is entirely synthetic. Its actions closely resemble those of progesterone. This hormone works to inhibit ovulation. It is commonly used for the treatment of various medical conditions, such as uterine bleeding, endometriosis, and amenorrhea. It is also commonly used for contraceptive purposes. There are various different side effects that could happen as a result of taking Primolut-N.

Common Side Effects

Though side effects of Primolut-N are rare for people taking the medication at normal dosages, they are possible. The most common side effects of Primolut-N include epilepsy becoming worse (if you have it), migraine headaches intensifying (for those that experience them), slight feelings of nausea, and problems with the skin. If you have any of these side effects and find them to be problematic or long-lasting, you need to notify your doctor.

Severe Side Effects

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There are also various severe side effects of Primolut-N. In situations of serious effects of the medication, it is crucial to get emergency medical attention as soon as possible. These potentially harmful side effects include sudden changes to speech, eyesight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell, abnormally bad headaches (occurring with more frequency), and first-time migraine headaches.

Blood Clots and Vein Inflammation

The formulation of blood clots and inflammation of the veins are both also severe possible side effects of Primolut-N. If you notice any symptoms of either of these conditions, you need to immediately seek medical help, for safety purposes. Some signs to look out for are coughing for no obvious reason, abnormal leg pains, abnormal swelling of the legs or the arms, shortness of breath, weakness or numbness on one side of the body, sharp chest pains, and crushing aches of tightness or heaviness in the chest.


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There are certain instances in which it is necessary to immediately cease using this medicine. These instances include developing a medical condition involving itching (pruritus), becoming pregnant, getting jaundice (or any other liver-related issues), and high blood pressure (also known as hypertension).


Some people are advised against taking Primolut-N for safety reasons. These include pregnant females, those allergic to norethisterone, those who have or who have experienced liver cancer, those who have various varieties of jaundice (such as Rotor syndrome or Dubin Johnson syndrome), and those who are in the process of liver disease recovery (but who still do not have regular liver function).