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What Are the Side Effects of Nitro-Tech?

By J.D. Chi

Nitro-Tech is a whey protein supplement used by body builders and fitness buffs to increase muscle mass. While Nitro-Tech is considered safe, it does have some side effects including, but not limited to gas, bloating, vomiting and chest pains.

On the whole whey protein supplements are an effective way to get additional protein. Whey proteins, including Nitro-Tech, come in powder and are ingested as fitness shakes.


Anecdotal evidence shows that Nitro-Tech can cause bloating, especially when too much is taken at one time. In general, the maximum amount of whey protein that should be ingested in one sitting is 20g.

The bloating issue may be solved by decreasing the dosage.


Nitro-Tech does cause gas in many users. As with bloating, this may occur if too much Nitro-Tech is ingested in one sitting. It may also occur if the Nitro-Tech is not property blended.

Lowering the dosage may help. In addition, users suggest mixing powdered Nitro-Tech with water rather than milk to eliminate gas.

In extreme cases, gas may lead to vomiting. Discontinue use in this situation.

Chest Pains

Some users of Nitro-Tech have experienced chest pains. If you encounter any chest discomfort after using this product, discontinue use immediately and consult with your doctor. Always stick to the recommended dosage when using Nitro-Tech. Try to maintain a healthy balance between your diet, exercise and supplementation program.


As different people respond differently to Nitro-Tech, some users feel hungry (in direct contrast with bloating) while taking Nitro-Tech. A solution to this issue would be to mix the Nitro-Tech in with a meal replacement shake, adding bananas and other fruits. Doing this would provide fiber and should curb hunger.

Chalky Taste

While not technically a side effect, a big complaint about Nitro-Tech is the chalky taste and clumping. Both are not unusual for powdered supplements, but these issues make Nitro-Tech hard to swallow. As with the gas problem, mixing Nitro-Tech with water rather than milk will help. In addition, use a blender when mixing, as this will just about eliminate any clumping. Also, try mixing in other healthy foods, like bananas or peanut butter to improve the taste.

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