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Side Effects of Hydroxycut Max

By Sarah Thomas


The label of Hydroxycut Max lists headaches as a possible side effect. Hydroxycut Max utilizes a large amount of caffeine in each, which can cause headaches. Headaches are particularly likely if the user ingests caffeine from other sources, such as coffee, tea or chocolate.


The stimulant effects of caffeine may also cause nausea. If nausea is experienced, stop use of the supplement.


The label of Hydroxycut Max lists flushing as a possible side effect. Flushing, or reddening of the skin, is due to the increased blood flow when taking a stimulant.


The Hydroxycut Max label lists itching as a side effect. Itching may be due to increased blood flow from the stimulant reaction.


Dizziness may result from taking stimulants, such as Hydroxycut Max. If you experience dizziness or faintness, contact a health-care provider.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is a serious side effect that you may experience when taking a stimulant weight loss supplement. Seek immediate medical attention.

Increased Sweating

Sweating can increase when taking a stimulant supplement such as Hydroxycut Max.

Elevated or Irregular Heart Rate

A stimulant may increase your resting heart rate, making you feel that your heart is racing. It may also make your heart rate irregular, resulting in a jittery or nervous feeling. Contact a medical professional if your heart rate is racing or irregular.

Liver Injury

In May of 2009, the Food and Drug Administration released a statement that Hydroxycut products may result in liver injury. Jaundice, fatigue, stomach pain, and changes in urine may be indicative of liver injury and should be promptly evaluated by a medical professional. The FDA recommended against using Hydroxycut products. A new formula of Hydroxycut is now back on store shelves.

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