How to Remove Tooth Calculus Without a Dentist

Your teeth, although fairly easy to take care off, need to be constantly cleaned to prevent cavities and other problems. If you miss your twice-daily brushings you might to see calculus begin to form on your teeth. Calculus is similar to plaque, but with a more yellow, furry look. This can be extremely embarrassing, so if you are looking to make a good impression and don’t have time or money for a dental visit, learn how to remove calculus yourself.

Look into the mirror of your bathroom. It must be clean and well lighted.

Look at your front teeth. These are the teeth you can remove calculus from. Your side molars are harder to see, so it's best to let professionals clean those teeth.

Gently scrape your teeth with a tooth scraper. This tool is used when your teeth ae cleaned in a dental office, and most hygiene stores and some mass-merchandisers sell it. Scrape until you have removed all of the calculus.

Brush your teeth immediately after the scraping to remove any debris from your mouth.

Begin brushing your teeth at least twice a day to prevent more calculus. To help, you might want to use mouthwash and floss.