How to Remove Dental Cement From Teeth

Dental cement is used in many orthodontic procedures. It is not uncommon that some residue may be left when removing braces, filling a cavity or repairing a chipped tooth. If there are large chunks of cement on the teeth that are causing discomfort or embarrassment, it may be necessary to remove them. If they are not causing discomfort or are barely noticeable and you choose to leave them alone, they will eventually wear away naturally after a few months. There are some easy steps to remove dental cement at home before consulting your dentist 2.

Identify the areas in the mouth where there are large pieces of cement.

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Gently scrape off the larger pieces of cement with a dental pick, being careful not to scrape or scratch the teeth.

Scrape in sections, starting with the back, then moving to the front and then to the opposite side. This will make the process flow easier and quicker.

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Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after each area is scraped to ensure all of the cement is being spit out after each area is scraped clean. You don't want to swallow any of the cement.

Brush your teeth after all areas have been scraped and the large chunks of cement have been removed. Brushing will loosen and remove any of the remaining pieces of cement.

Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water again after brushing.

Contact your dentist for professional removal of dental cement if after following these steps you notice there are still remaining areas of dental cement 1.


When you are scraping your teeth make sure your head is not tipped back. The pieces of cement could fall back into your throat as you chip them off. Either tip your head down or hold it straight to spit the pieces out as they are scraped off the teeth.


If the steps above do not work, contact your dentist for professional removal. Ensuring your teeth do not get damaged by repeated attempts may require the right equipment and experience of a professional. If you experience an odd or bad taste in your mouth, dental cement should be removed. Depending on the cement used in your dental procedure, overexposure could result in loss of taste. Consult your dentist should this occur.