How to Remove Eyeglass Lens Crazing

Crazing refers to small scratches that appear on the lenses of eyeglasses that are covered with non-reflective coating. Although non-reflective coating effectively reduces headlight glare and helps to reduce eyestrain for computer users, it also causes the lenses to smudge and craze easily. To remove eyeglass lens crazing, the surface of the lens must be resurfaced with non-reflective coating by an eye care professional. This can be done in three different ways.

Spray the non-reflective coating on. When you take your defective lenses to an eye care professional, he will remove the old coating and spray a fresh coat on. After being placed under high heat for a set period of time, the new non-reflective coating will harden and then stick to the lens, and your eyeglasses will be like new again.

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Apply a vacuum application. If your eye care professional does not spray a new coating on your lens, he may decide to apply a vacuum application instead. In this method, the lens is placed inside a machine, coated with a special liquid and exposed to intense heat. As a result, a thick layer of new non-reflective coating will provide an excellent cover for the old lens.

Use a fabrication process. If your lens appears to be damaged beyond repair, your eye care professional may use a fabrication process to rebuild the lens itself. The new coating will be built into the lens material so that the non-reflective coating is equally distributed throughout the lens. Although this is the most expensive way to remove crazing from an eyeglass lens, it is also the most effective way to prevent crazing from happening again.


Do not attempt to remove eyeglass lens crazing yourself because you may permanently damage the surface of your lens. This is eyeglass lens repair requires the expertise of an eye care professional.