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How to Regrow Toenails

Once your toenail separates from the nail bed, it can take up to 18 months to regrow. There are many reasons why a nail will separate from the nail bed, including injury, a fungal infection, chemotherapy and antimalarial medications, psoriasis, or chemicals and beauty products. To find the cause of the separated toenail, see a physician to receive a diagnosis. There are a few things you can do to encourage toenail regrowth.

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Wear loose footwear or open-toe shoes. This will reduce pressure on the nail bed, and allow the nail to grow back.

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Remove moisture from your foot to discourage bacterial growth. Shake powder on your foot before placing it in a sock to keep it dry. Remove socks when possible to allow your foot to "breathe."

Reduce the use any nail polish remover with acetone on that particular toe. Acetone can stunt the growth of the nail.

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Change your soap. Certain soaps can cause an allergic reaction that causes the nail to come off. If this is a possibility, try a different soap when bathing.

Address the problem. If the nail fell off the toe due to fungus or viral infections, take the proper medication. Many over-the-counter sprays and creams are available for treating athlete's foot 3. For other problems, see a physician to receive the proper prescription medication.

Remove the toenail 2. If the toenail is infected, a physician can remove it. As the new toenail is growing, apply the prescribed topical medication to the nail bed to encourage growth and discourage bacteria.