PLJ Lemon Juice Diet

PLJ Lemon Juice is a concentrated drink made primarily with pure lemon juice, as its name suggests. Produced by the British-based company Healthy Food Brands Ltd., PLJ Lemon Juice was popular in 1970s England as a weight loss aid. While there were no clinical trials or scientific studies proving the PLJ Lemon Juice Diet was effective at stimulating weight loss, a number of other weight loss programs purport that drinking lemon juice daily can suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism.

PLJ Lemon Juice

The PLJ Lemon Juice Diet consists of nothing more complicated than encouraging dieters to consume PLJ Lemon Juice regularly throughout the day. The juice contains over 99 percent Sicilian lemon juice along with additional vitamin C, lemon oil, natural lemon flavoring and sulphur dioxide as a preservative. Each 25 ml serving of PLJ Lemon Juice provides 9 calories and 75 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

Lemon Juice Diet

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A number of other diets, including the Lemon Juice Diet designed by Theresa Cheung, claim to help with weight loss in much the same way as the PLJ Lemon Juice Diet. According to Cheung, lemon juice increases the rate and efficiency of your metabolism of fat and detoxifies your digestive system. Cheung contends that a digestive system laden with toxins and accumulated waste matter cannot absorb nutrients properly and contributes to weight gain. In her Lemon Juice Diet book, Cheung also advises eating small portions of lemon peel daily, based on the idea that the pectin in the peel can inhibit sugar absorption and decrease hunger.


Cheung's Lemon Juice Diet begins with a 24-hour detox, during which you consume nothing but lemon juice combined with water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, or cinnamon and grated lemon peel mixed in filtered water. You'll begin each of the next seven days with a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and lemon peel, and then eat three meals and two snacks throughout the day that focus on fruits, vegetables, fish, lean chicken, beans, nuts and seeds and organic yogurt. Processed foods, red meat, coffee, chocolate, any products containing sugar, carbonated beverages and alcohol are discouraged.


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Research conducted at Arizona State University indicates that people who eat foods high in vitamin C have an increased chance of losing weight compared to people who consume less vitamin C. In addition, research published in the "Journal of the American College of Nutrition" supports pectin's appetite-suppressing ability. Although neither study proves drinking PLJ Lemon Juice or adhering to the Lemon Juice Diet is a surefire way to lose weight, following a diet that encourages drinking lemon juice regularly is a not a bad choice for most dieters, as long as it also emphasizes eating healthy, low-fat meals and exercising regularly.


No solid scientific evidence or clinical studies definitively link lemon juice consumption to long-term, sustainable weight loss, or to improvements in digestive system function. In addition, the Diet Choices site reports that consuming lemon juice daily can be a problem for people who suffer regularly from heartburn, are allergic to products containing citrus compounds or have kidney or gallbladder disease.