GM Diet & Avocados

The GM, or General Motors, Diet was purportedly a plan devised in-house by the company to help its employees lose weight rapidly. While the plan itself does not necessarily mandate consumption of avocados, they are, nevertheless, a valuable addition to the diet, as they provide the body with healthy fats and plenty of energy so you are not fatigued even while severely restricting your calorie consumption.

GM Diet History

According to some reports, the diet was purportedly developed and tested at the General Clinical Research Center at John Hopkins and was originally enacted in April 1985. However, The New York Times has reported that General Motors disclaimed any association with the diet, calling it an urban myth, so the origins of the diet are a mystery.

GM Diet Theory

GM Diet & Avocados

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The diet is a week-long plan designed to cause extreme weight loss. On average, individuals can expect to lose about 10 pounds, thanks to an unconventional approach that asks you to subsist on an unusual and ever-changing combination of food every day.

GM Diet

During the first day of the diet you are supposed to consume only fruit, with the exception of bananas. On day two you start the day by eating one large baked potato, and then nothing else but raw vegetables. During day three of the plan you can eat unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables, with the exception of bananas and potatoes. Day four calls for a diet of only bananas and milk. On days five and six you eat lean beef and vegetables, and on day seven you eat brown rice, fruit juice and vegetables.

Avocados and the Diet

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While avocados are not specifically recommended in the plan, they are permitted on any of the days you are allowed to consume fruits. As the plan is fairly devoid of sources of fat, including a handful of avocados in your eating regimen can help ensure your diet stays balanced even while losing weight. Additionally, avocados are fairly dense in calories, which will help you stay on your feet longer and exercise harder while cutting back.

Avocados and Dieting

If you're worried that adding avocados to the GM diet will compromise your weight loss, consider a 2005 Nutrition Journal study that found that the 60 participants who ate avocados while on the diet achieved results that were roughly equivalent to the control group, which did not eat avocados.