Morgan Detox Diet

While a large number of people watched the relatively famous documentary "Super Size Me," there were not a lot of people focused on what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. Director (and star) of the movie, Morgan Spurlock, had to endure an eight-week diet to lose the weight gained while filming the movie. The program he used to do this has been dubbed the "Morgan Detox Diet," and it can help you with your weight-control goals as well.

Detox Diet Labeling

While most people might think of the term "detox diet" and immediately associate it with bizarre fad diets, the Morgan Detox Diet is not a detox diet that would categorized as a fad diet. The diet was designed by Spurlock's fiancee, a nutritionist. She chose to coin the diet a "detox" plan because she felt that the word "diet" had excessively negative connotations.

Morgan Detox Theory

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The theory behind the Morgan Detox Diet is basic, but fundamentally sound. By wholly eliminating consumption of questionable and unnatural food sources in your diet, your body will naturally attain a healthy weight level. To do this, you must reprogram yourself to consume a diet of wholesome, nutrient dense food, while completely abandoning the typical American diet.

Following the Morgan Detox

To follow the Morgan Detox, you must eliminate consumption of all processed foods, refined flours and sugary items. Additionally, you should cease consumption of all calorie-containing beverages while simultaneously increasing your intake of water to at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day. For meal choices, should stick to mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with the addition of lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey, or extra-lean beef) and a focus on healthy fats (like almonds and fish oil).


Directions for the Deal a Meal Diet

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Morgan Spurlock lost 14 pounds in eight weeks on this plan, which amounts to an average loss of a little less than two pounds per week--a very reasonable rate. As gradual fat loss is more sustainable in the long term, adherents to the Morgan Detox Diet will enjoy real weight loss benefits that they can carry with them for years. Additionally, conquering weight-control issues has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancer and stroke.

Monitoring Progress

When dieting on the Morgan Detox plan, track your progress. You will want to consume a consistent intake of daily calories. Ensuring consistency is best accomplished by keeping a detailed food journal, listing the foods consumed and the total calories contained. Weigh yourself at the end of each week on the plan, aiming to lose between one to two pounds. If you are on track with your weight loss, keep your calorie level constant. If your weight loss is too slow or too fast, adjust by adding or subtracting 200 to 300 calories per day, reassessing again at the end of the next week.