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Penile Enhancement Exercises

By TS Jordan

As increased levels of sexuality in society and the media become the norm, the world's obsession with the penis has steadily increased. As a result, some men have been plagued with increased amounts of psychological distress over the size and condition of their genitals, going to occasionally bizarre measures to compensate for their perceived shortcomings. Aside from pills and creams, one prevalent faction of the "penile enhancement" camp focuses on exercises purported to increase size.

Penile Enhancement Theory

Although the penis is not a muscle, per se, individuals believe that it can and should be exercised like one in order to produce increases in both length and girth. During the exercises, blood is forced into the penis, supplying additional nutrients and enlarging the blood vessels and tissue within. Over time, with progressive increases in duration and intensity, the size of one's penis can be permanently increased. Penile enhancement techniques may vary, but they all revolve around this basic concept.

Penile Enhancement Exercises

Stretching is a basic penis enhancement technique. Stretching is performed manually or with weights attached to the penis. Stretching often precedes other exercises in one's routine to limber the tissues in the penis and prepare them for training. To stretch, grip the base of one's penis, and pull downward, holding for 30 seconds. Then stretch to either side and hold for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side. As with any exercise, address concerns with a doctor before proceeding.

The most common penile enhancement technique is called "jelqing." Jelqing is performed by holding one's hand in an "ok" position, gripping firmly around the base of one's penis, and moving your hand slowly and deliberately toward the tip. This traps blood in the penis and forces it upward along the shaft. In accordance with the theory described above, over time, the size of the penis is increased. Jelqing is often performed for temporal requirements -- beginners might "jelq" for 10-minute sessions, while advanced "PEers" might go for upward of 30.

"Ulis" are an advanced technique purported to add additional girth. Not recommended for beginners, it is suggested that one practice penile enlargement techniques for at least a month before trying these. Form a similar grip as with the jelq (an "ok" sign with your hand), then grip tightly around the base of your penis and hold for 30 to 60 seconds. This will supposedly engorge the penis and result in additional girth.

Finally, the JAI stretch has been credited with helping individuals to gain length. To perform the JAI stretch, gently stretch the penis for two seconds, then release the stretch while still holding onto the penis. Wait two seconds and repeat, stretching the penis again. Alternate two seconds of stretching with two seconds of resting for the desired number of reps -- 20 or more is suggested.


Of course, none of these techniques have been scientifically proven to work. If you decide to undergo a penile enhancement routine, temper your enthusiasm and understand that it is possible that you will put in the time to no avail. In all actuality, the best "penile enhancement" technique is being more comfortable with yourself. However, if you decide that you must, train cautiously to avoid the potential for permanent injury, and be sure to consult with a doctor before beginning any of these exercises.

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