How to Open Up Your Eustachian Tube Naturally

Fluid or the accumulation of mucus can cause clogging in the eustachian tube, and it may become difficult to hear 2. A clogged ear is common with sinus infections, colds and allergies, and sufferers may deal with ear pain, pressure or tinnitus when the eustachian tube becomes blocked 2. Over-the-counter decongestants are effective for remedying this problem. But if you prefer, there are natural methods to help undo the blockage.

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Grab a drink of water or chewing gum to help open the eustachian tube 2. Swallow repeatedly to promote muscular contractions and balance the air pressure in ears to unblock the eustachian tube 2. Drink a glass of water or other liquid or chew gum. Chewing gum exercises the jaw and increases the production of saliva. Do not swallow the gum.

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Stretch your jaw muscles to undo blockage. Open your mouth far enough so you feel a slight stretch, but stop if it becomes painful. Yawning is another method that works the muscles in the jaw to help pop the ears and clear blockage.

Use pressure to pop your ears. Remedy a block eustachian tube by plugging your nose with your index finger and thumb, and then blowing very gently 2. This method helps pop or unclog the ears. Just be sure you don't blow too hard or you may cause damage.

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Lie on your side to drain fluid from the ear. Water in the ears from swimming or showering can block the eustachian tube 2. Tilt your head or lie down on the side with the blocked ear to drain trapped fluid from the ear.

Use steam to break up congestion caused by mucus buildup. Take a hot, steamy shower to clear mucus or use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Excess mucus is another cause of a blocked eustachian tube 2. Steam thins mucus and helps stimulate drainage.