How to Make Power Pudding for Constipation

Power pudding is a home remedy used to relieve constipation in the elderly and people whose medications cause constipation 2. reports improved bowel function among the homebound elderly clients of a homecare agency. Sometimes following the standard medical recommendations to drink plenty of water and add fiber to your diet is not enough to prevent or cure constipation. According to the University of Wisconsin, regular use of power pudding can relieve chronic constipation 2.

Soak three cups of prunes in water until they are soft. This might take a few hours or you may need to soak the prunes overnight.

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Pour one cup of prune juice into a blender. If necessary, you can purchase prune juice manufactured without added sugar.

Add the softened prunes to the prune juice and puree the mixture until the prunes are dissolved into the prune juice.

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Add 1 cup plus 1 tablespoon of applesauce to the prune and prune juice puree in the blender. You can use applesauce with no added sugar if appropriate.

Add 7 tablespoons of bran cereal to the blender. Your choices for bran cereal are many. You can choose flakes or cereals with finer grains.

Mix the ingredients well in the blender until you have a well-pureed mixture.

Refrigerate and use the power pudding for about one week. Prune juice requires refrigeration after opening to prevent spoilage. After a week, discard the power pudding to protect against consuming the mixture after it has spoiled.


Take 2 tablespoons of the power pudding every day. For a change, spoon the mixture over breakfast cereal or yogurt. Add red gelatin to the recipe to make a kid-friendly power pudding. Make a thicker recipe by blending one cup each of prune juice, bran cereal and applesauce and refrigerating the mixture for one week.


Talk to your doctor before using power pudding for constipation. According to the University of Ohio Medical Center, you might experience bloating, cramping or gas during the first week of power pudding use; however, these side effects should diminish.