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How to Make Your Own Finger Splints

By Ashley Eby ; Updated July 27, 2017

Splinting a finger is good for anything from a sprain to a break. The important thing is to keep the finger from moving, so getting a splint on it as soon as the injury happens will speed the healing process. The splint will also help keep stress off the finger so no more damage can be done to that finger. There are two ways to splint a finger at home.

Tape the injured finger to the finger next to it. This will help keep the finger immobilized. Taping may not be comfortable for everyone, so there is another way to splint your finger.

Cut a popsicle stick down to the size of your finger. Place your finger on the stick.

Place the finger with the stick on a flat surface. This will allow the finger to be completely straight. Tape the stick to the finger on both ends of the finger.


It is best to seek medical attention when injured.

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