How to Make a Splint for a Toe

Toe injuries can be painful to deal with. Often times, physicians and medical suppliers do not offer extensive treatments or supplies to splint a toe if necessary. Knowing how to make a toe splint will save you a trip to the doctor, and possibly some potential pain and suffering. However, if a toe injury is severe, always consult a doctor 1.

Is This an Emergency?

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Place the Popsicle stick between your toes on either side of the toe that needs splinting. Make sure it points in the same direction as your toes. Mark it with your pencil just past the end of the toe that needs the splint.

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Break the Popsicle stick where you marked it.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 using another Popsicle stick for the opposite side of the injured toe.

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Wrap the two pieces of Popsicle stick with gauze wrap. Make sure to cover the sticks completely to prevent them from rubbing your toes and causing sores.

Check the circulation in your toe by squeezing the end of it lightly and noting the time it takes for color to come back. This will be a benchmark to ensure that you do not splint the toe too tightly and cut off circulation.

Place each gauze-wrapped Popsicle stick on either side of the injured toe.

Wrap the entire toe with medical tape to secure the Popsicle sticks to your toe. This will prevent movement of the toe.

Recheck your circulation using the process in step 5. If it takes more than a couple of seconds for color to return to the toe, re-tape the toe a little looser.


Tape the splinted toe to the toe next to it to further prevent movement. A regimen of ice and ibuprofen can help reduce pain and swelling.
Always follow dosing instructions when using any medication.


Never attempt to reset a broken toe or any other bone. See your doctor if you think a bone is broken. Do not ice a toe for more than 20 minutes every couple of hours.