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How to Make Natural Massage Gel

Because they don't flow, massage gels are easier to work with and less messy than oils. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of natural oils available, natural massage gels are harder to find. Most use artificial gelling agents and other synthetic products. Avoid these additives by making your own natural massage gel at home 1.

Cut a thick, healthy leaf off of a full-grown aloe plant.

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Slice the top of the leaf open to expose the gel inside. The leaf will ooze a bit of yellow liquid where you cut it, and have clear gel inside. The gel is what you want.

Spoon the gel into a container with a teaspoon, taking care to get as little of the yellow liquid on the gel as you can. Count how many spoons of gel you get.

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Carefully rinse off any of the yellow fluid with water, then dump the water out. The yellow fluid is called aloin and it is irritating to the skin, so you don't want to leave any in the gel.

Mix in 4 drops of essential oil or another natural for every 4 teaspoons you get. Almond oil, flower fragrances and aroma therapy oils all work well.

Keep the gel in an airtight container in your refrigerator until you need it. Warm it with your hands or a massage oil warmer before you use it.

Experiment with the consistency of the gel. Add more water to make it thinner or more oil to make it oilier.


If you don't own an aloe plant, you can buy aloe gel.