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How to Make Lemon Detox Diet

By Julie Boehlke ; Updated July 27, 2017

The newest Diet taking over the popular Hollywood Crowd at the moment is called the Lemon Detox Diet. Many of Hollywood's Elite are losing anywhere from 12 to 20 pounds in just two short weeks. There are enough nutrients in this Detox to keep you energized, yet enough to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. If you are looking for a Detox that has been around for years and you are wanting to jump start your metabolism, the Lemon Detox Diet will get your body off to a great start.

Take your Drinking Glass and fill half way to the top with 4 oz of very cold Water.

Take your fresh Lemon Half and squeeze the Juice into the Drinking Glass, making sure to leave out the Pulp and the Seeds.

Add 2 tablespoons of Pure Maple Syrup.

Add just a pinch of your choice of Cayenne Pepper or Ground Ginger to your Drinking Glass.

Take your Spoon and stir well.

Add another 4 oz of cold Water to your Drinking Glass. Stir again.

Drink this 8 oz Detox Drink a minimum of six to eight times a day for seven to fourteen days for maximum weight loss results.


Make sure your Water is ice cold just before your drink it, this helps aid in the Detox Process. Use fresh ground Ginger or Cayenne Pepper for a crisp, sharp taste. Buy fresh Lemons and squeeze just before serving for maximum freshness and taste. Try to stay on the diet for the allotted time for the best results. You may feel sluggish and weak the first couple of days; at this point your body is releasing toxins and getting rid of unwanted fat.


Always consult your Physician before starting this or any other weight loss program. If you begin to feel extremely lightheaded or dizzy, sit down and ask for assistance. Do not use imitation Lemon Juice as it will not give you the toxin releasing benefits as pure Lemon Juice does. Do not eat any solid foods while on this Diet. Do not use anything but pure Maple Syrup as it could have added Sugars and Preservatives that could stall your weight loss.

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