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How to Find Low Cost Dental Implants

By Rebecca Mayglothling ; Updated July 27, 2017

Dental implants are used to replace missing, broken or chipped teeth. The synthetic implants replace the tooth from root to cap. Many people choose implants over dentures, as the implants simulate real teeth better than dentures. They also protect the integrity of the jaw bone. The cost of the implants, however, is sometimes very high. There are some steps you can take to get implants at a discounted price.

Talk to your dentist about the cost of dental implants. Dentists do not want to lose their patients, and they understand that the costs associated with implants are too high for many patients. Ask your dentist if he can negotiate on the price or offer a payment plan or other payment option. If the answer is a flat "no" or the dentist is otherwise hesitant to discuss cheaper options, consider investigating other dentists.

Contact another dentist in your area to discuss implant options and to get a second quote for the implants. This process is called comparison shopping, and it drives the price of the implants lower. You can complete this step and still keep your current dentist. Prices are negotiable, so ask the second dentist if he can negotiate based on your first quote.

Search for a dedicated dental implant clinic, instead of a general dentistry clinic. Often, a clinic that specializes in dental implants will offer deals and discounts, not too mention getting better prices from suppliers, which are then passed on to the customer. Implant clinics in the suburbs versus a city will likely be more affordable, since the location is cheaper to maintain.

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