How to Lose Weight on a Tuna Diet

By Edwin Thomas

The tuna diet is a variation of the high-protein, low-carb diet that is a time-tested road to quickly reducing fat. It is popular with body builders seeking to "get ripped" (quickly cut fat), or anyone else who needs to reach a weight target quickly. The rules are simple and the diet is easy to follow, and will yield good results over a three-day time frame. However, it should be remembered that it is a diet for quick results, and not a sustained weight-loss plan.

Step 1

Eat a half grapefruit (or the equivalent in juice) and a slice of toast for breakfast. The toast can be with or without peanut butter. Drink water, coffee or tea, but without milk or real sugar. Artificial sweeteners are OK.

Step 2

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Eat another slice of bread or toast for lunch, but this time include 1/2 cup of tuna. Once again, drink water, coffee or tea with no milk or real sugar.

Step 3

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Build your dinner menu around 3 oz. of any lean meat; tuna is a good choice again. For veggies, you can have 1 cup of green beans and 1 cup of carrots. Your desert takes the form of 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, plus 1 medium apple. Your drink options are limited to water, tea and coffee as usual. Be sure to consume this meal at least four hours before you go to bed.

Step 4

Repeat for two more days.


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