How to Use Replens

Replens is a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer. The lubricant is available over the counter without a prescription. Replens works to eliminate vaginal dryness by adhering to the vaginal wall, decreasing and removing dry skin cells. This allows the vagina to restore natural moisture. Using the personal lubricant on a routine basis, every three days, is supposed to effectively restore a comfortable moisture balance.

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Plan a schedule for using Replens. The lubricant is most effective when applied in the mornings, every 72 hours.

Remove a pre-filled applicator from the Replens box and open the wrapper.

Hold the thicker end of the applicator and shake all lubricant down to the other end.

Twist and remove the cap on the thin end of the applicator.

Squat or lie on back with knees bent and insert the thin end of the applicator into the vagina.

Press the opposite end of the applicator to expel the entire amount of gel into the vagina.

Remove applicator and discard.

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