How to Stop a Baby Finger From Bleeding

In most cases, a minor cut to a baby's finger is treatable at home 3. The best way to stop the bleeding is with firm pressure. When treating the finger, clear it of any bacteria and protect it from further damage to assist in proper healing. With young children, take into consideration protective materials such as bandages that are choking hazards and find alternatives. If the finger doesn't stop bleeding within a few minutes after you treat it, consult a physician.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

**Wrap a piece of tissue or gauze around your baby's finger 1.

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Apply consistent pressure on the area until the bleeding stops.

Wash the area under warm running water to remove any remaining blood.

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Apply a liquid bandage to the wound to protect it. Liquid bandage products are nontoxic, dry quickly and come off as the wound heals. Avoid wrapping the wound with a regular bandage, if possible, because it can pose a choking hazard if your baby puts it in his mouth.


Wash the wound well with soap and water after you stop the bleeding. Trim off any dangling pieces of nail or skin with a pair of fine scissors. To reduce swelling after the bleeding is stopped, soak the finger in cold water for about 10 minutes.


Contact your physician if the wound continues to bleed for more than 10 minutes after you apply pressure to it.