How to Soothe an Allergic Reaction to Face Lotion

Face lotions are meant to hydrate your delicate facial skin. Most products contain a number of chemicals that act as preservatives and also give your lotion an appealing scent. Allergic reactions to face lotions, skin creams and other toiletries are common, and they range in severity. Soothe a minor allergic reaction at home 1. Seek immediate medical attention for reactions that include wheezing and swelling of your face or throat.

Remove all traces of the face lotion, if possible, by washing with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Lotion that has already absorbed into your skin may not be removable.

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Leave your skin bare, without cosmetics or other lotions, if your allergic reaction consists of a painless rash or hives. Once you have removed the face lotion, your immune system just needs time to heal your skin. The rash or hives will most likely fade on their own within hours.

Press a cold, damp washcloth gently to your face as often as needed if you have an itchy or painful rash. The coolness both soothes and reduces inflammation.

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Massage a pea-sized dollop of hydrocortisone into your facial skin to reduce itching from allergic dermatitis, a form of allergy-induced rash. Creams or ointments with cortisone are available over the counter.

Take an over-the-counter oral antihistamine, with your doctor's permission. The medication suppresses histamines, the substance your body releases in response to an allergy. Histamines make your skin itch or cause a runny nose.


Spot test all new cosmetics if you have displayed an allergic reaction to face lotion, soap, makeup or other toiletries in the past. Dab a tiny amount of the product on your skin and wait two days. If no rash appears, you are most likely not allergic to its ingredients, and you are free to use the product more liberally.