How to Make a Muscle Milk Shake

Muscle Milk is a protein supplement shake developed by CytoSport. Muscle Milk contains many types of protein, fats and 20 vitamins and minerals. Cytosport says that this combination of ingredients will aid in maintaining lean body mass. states that a healthy adult requires 50 to 65 grams of protein per day and extra protein may not be necessary. If you do need to take additional protein and choose the Muscle Milk product, you should know how to properly make a Muscle Milk shake.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor before taking supplements, particularly if you have kidney or liver disease. If your doctor approves, purchase a 2.47 pound bottle of Muscle Milk powder in your flavor of preference.

Should I Take Muscle Milk Prior to Workouts?

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Mix two scoops of Muscle Milk in 10 to 12 ounces of water, states Stir the mixture or shake well. You can take Muscle Milk one to three times per day, depending on your specific nutritional requirements. You could also cut the water amount in half and add skim milk, almond milk, juice or yogurt to make a creamier shake.

Take Muscle Milk before a workout, after a workout or at bedtime. If your stomach becomes upset from taking Muscle Milk, reduce the dose or take it with food. Immediately stop taking Muscle Milk if you notice symptoms of abdominal discomfort, abnormal stools or abnormal urine. Alert your doctor.


For more flavor and a smoothie type of shake, add frozen berries, frozen fruit, flaxseeds or leafy greens to your shake.