How to Wear a Truss for an Abdominal Hernia

A hernia is caused by part an internal organ pushing through a weak area of muscle. Inguinal, or groin, hernias are the most common, according to MedlinePlus, but hernias can also occur in the abdominal wall 12. A physician can surgically correct the weak area of muscle, and may recommend that you wear a truss before or after surgery. A truss uses pads to compress the abdomen, and pushes the section of organ back into place. Trusses come in several styles, including step-in underwear-type garments with straps, and belts that wrap around the abdomen.

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Step into the underwear-style truss and pull it up over your hips. For belts, wrap the belt around your abdomen in the area of the hernia.

How to Make Your Own Truss for a Hernia

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Insert the hernia pad into the truss, directly over the hernia. Insert a second pad if you have hernias on both sides.

Gently press the pads to push the hernias back into the abdominal cavity 1. Secure the straps, or tighten the belt, to hold the pads in place and maintain compression on the hernia.


Dress as you normally would and conduct your normal daily activities, as approved by your physician. Some trusses may have built-in pads. In which case, skip Step 2. If you are wearing the truss post-surgery, skip Step 3. Consult your physician to determine which type of truss you need. The truss needs to fit properly and needs the correct number of pads to adequately compress the hernia.